Paintball FAQ’s

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 10 years old can play at Holmbush paintball. We also welcome groups for Stag, Hen & parties for a great day out.

 Is paintball safe?

Absolutely!! paintball is one of the safest extreme sports you can play. All players at Holmbush paintball are looked after by our trained and professional safety marshalls. A full safety briefing is undertaken for all players explaining all equipment and safety rules before play begins.

 Does it hurt?

A paintball shot can hurt occasionally, but not as much as people say! We provide every player with the option of full overalls and foam body Armour to take the sting our of any shot. And all be it only a small sting, once you are game ready and battle minded it is easily forgotten.

How many paintballs are needed for my event?

Now, this does vary from person top person so there is no solid answer, although we do have the ideal packages set up for any event with the average amount in mind. half day events typically use 300 shots and full day events use 500, but paint is available all your event for £6 for 100.

Can i bring my own paintballs?

No only paintballs brought on site may be used on site, this is for your own safety as paintballs can be stored incorrectly making them bullet hard.

Can i bring my own equipment?

Yes is you are playing on one of our private walk on events where the use of your own equipment is allowed. normal days we only allow the use of our equipment for safety to all of our customers

How long is each session?

Half day sessions are 3 hours long and run from either 9am or 1pm. The full day session is 9 am until approx 4pm. 3 hours consists of all sign in and safety briefing, then onto 3 field of play, getting 2 games on each ( total of 6 games on 3 fields). The full day consists of all sign in and safety briefing and then at least 5 fields of play, so 10 games with approximately 1 hour lunch break. breaks are given of approx 15 mins between all fields.

Can i arrive late?

We ask all players to do their best to be at the centre for their given arrival time. We usually have a large amount of players to kit up, sign in and safety brief so any later comers may miss all of this and therefore miss the first set of games to catch up. Also bigger groups arriving late may be needed to split across two teams as teams are not decided before the briefing and cannot be easily changed after the first game.

When is holmbush paintball open?

Everyday. we are able to rune vents anyday or summer evening. you choose for a group minim of 12 players, if you have less then we are open every weened with no minimum requirements we awe also open throughout holidays so the best thing to do is give us a call to discuss your booking options.

Do we need to book in advance?

Yes although we are a big venue holding. upto 200 players on a day we only take enough kit to cover the expected groups booked in advance any group just arriving with no notice may be turned away for the above reason.

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