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Deep in the heart of enemy territory, it has been discovered by intelligence that an experimental ‘Nuclear’ weapon has been housed in a remote village. The capabilities of this WMD are as of yet unknown and it is your teams’ job to infiltrate and capture this device.

Intelligence has reported that the WMD is centrally located in the village complex, and has provided you with co-ordinates. You will be transported to an area close to the village and it is up to you and your team to capture it! This is an urgent mission which must be completed quickly and efficiently before the enemy can use the device to their advantage.

The village is surrounded by a high bank mud wall which allows a good defence to be mounted. There are several entrances which offer easy access for your team.

Inside the village are several lookout towers and strategically placed stronghold huts. Be very careful of entrenched snipers and enemy units, once inside they can easily lay down a deadly cross fire on your team.

You and your team’s mission is to recover the WMD and ensure its safe extraction at all costs.
Despite the village being a stronghold this is also its weakness. With so few entrances the village can be laid siege too and the enemy picked off. When numbers favour your team, attack the village and recover the WMD.

To assist you further Allied intelligence has also reported that there are disused towers and huts around the village which are the remains of the outer defences of the village.
Use these strategic positions to gain the advantage. Reports indicate that the WMD’s tracking device points to it being located near to the largest hut at the centre of the village, but this is not guaranteed. This would not be the first time that HQ intelligence has got their facts wrong …Good Luck!


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