Urban Assault

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As the name suggests, this field is ideal for urban fire-fights and close battles.

Starting from basecamps placed at opposite edges of the field, you will make your way through a changing terrain. This ranges from natural vegetation and trees, natural bunkers and small out-houses, through to the urban interior that awaits.

Barricades have been built around the outer edges of the zone. As you move further in to the field, you will find a multitude of buildings, which give excellent hiding positions for you and the enemy. Use these huts to move closer to the central area on the field.

Enemy forces have heavily fortified this central area with an earth mound and tire wall as the outer defences, serving as both an ammo and missile storage area. In the middle is a raised structure in the shape of a three pointed star with a wide square area, which houses an enemy ammo dump.

It is imperative that your team reaches this ammo dump and retrieves it for your own use at a later stage in the campaign!

There are only 3 entrances within the central area. Inside there are numerous buildings and huts which all have limited attack possibilities. Use the doors and windows to eliminate the opposition.

The orchard ambush is almost 2 acres in size, but don’t let the size fool you. It requires slow but sure tactics to ensure a win. Do not storm the barricades – you will certainly fail with this strategy!


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