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This combat zone is over 2 acres in size. Throughout the zone towers have been built, up-to 30 feet high, to give an eagle-eye view over parts of the zone. These towers are professionally constructed from metal and feature metal ladders with safety rails. They each give a commanding view over the game zone.

The zone contains a wide array of different terrain. In the north east there is thick vegetation, which makes mounting an attack or defending very hard as the pathways are narrow and do not go in a straight line. Whereas in the south west, the area is completely open and can be seen from almost any of the towers.

There are areas of marsh land and water channels have been dug to feed the deep water holes which are located throughout the field.
Near one of the starting areas is a large densely wooded area running down half the field, perfect for sneak and surprise attacks.

There are 2 large bases on this field, one at each end. The first is a bunker set in a hollow, hexagonal in shape with firing and viewing slits. The second sits in the open protected by a nearby tower.

There are other huts and large raised firing posts all over this field to provide a wide range of offensive and defensive possibilities. Combined with the use of the towers, a great general can command the field effectively and lead his team to victory. Failure to man the towers, however, will result in huge blind spots and allow the attacking enemy free range through your lines!

There can only be one winning team but the mission is not complete until both boxes are recovered and safe. Defending the first box within your base camp is as important as securing the second!

This zone is difficult, watch out for being attacked from behind as the zone is very large. You must try not to lose communications with your team as they spread out as you may find the enemy can manoeuvre between the battle fronts and take control of your base.


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