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Enemy forces have captured a high ranking member of your team – a General!

The General is being held captive in an enemy base in a densely wooded area.

Using the natural cover and extreme caution you and your team must advance through the wood then launch an attack at the enemy base. Securing the release of the General is paramount.

To prevent re-enforcements being called-in and the enemy HQ alerted to the loss of the general the satellite uplink must be destroyed.
To destroy this panel, it must be shot 3 times within a five second period.

When the communications link goes down it will signal the airlift retrieval of the general, you and your team.
This combat zone is densely wooded and is approximately two thirds of an acre. The woodland provides natural cover and several man made barricades have been constructed to give vantage points across the zone.

Close combat will be inevitable as the woodland which gives you cover will also hide the enemy. You must be on your guard for sniper attacks and ambushes.

Quick reflexes and tight support from your teammates will be required in this close combat arena.

Grenades and other pyrotechnics can be very effective on this zone, but will also give your position away.

Finally and most importantly, take care not to shoot your own satellite control panel in the heat of the battle. This will cost you dearly!


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