Lost Island

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The Enemy has occupied an island and are not planning on leaving. They have begun constructing two fortresses with an inter-connecting bridge. One fortress stands higher than the other for a great tactical overview of the game zone.

The lower part of the fortress has a roof, but the upper part is still under construction.

To the south of the island is an area of open ground, where some barricades have been constructed. These offer your troops the best chance of cover from enemy fire. If you stay at the back of this area you should be out of range of the enemy snipers.

To the west of the zone is a heavily wooded area that provides some cover to allow you to attack the base. Some natural barricades are in place to help you get close to the fortress.

The walls of the fortress are high and gun positions have been built in to the walls. However intelligence reports suggest that once you get your troops to back of the fortress a weakness will become apparent. They have reports that on the lower part of this structure there is an uncompleted wall. Securing this area will allow you to shoot the enemy in the back!

Defeat the enemy, lower their flag and raise your own over the island!


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