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This zone is the only arena in the Holmbush Paintball sites to house just natural barricades. These offer slightly less protection but give much greater camouflage cover from the enemy.

The field has gentle slopes on all sides which gives a natural valley in the centre of the field. The west side of the field is slightly higher than the east, which gives a good tactical advantage to the team which captures this area.

The Jungle field is approximately 1 acre in size, this is one of the smallest game zones and requires you to quickly take important defensive and offensive positions as soon as the game is started.

The natural vegetation comprises mainly of closely planted pine trees. This makes the field extremely shady and can conceal players very easily.

This whole zone must be secured to ensure the continued success of the allied progression!

This jungle skirmish is a bitter fight to the last man, only one team will be victorious this day.

Move your teams forward to quickly gain the advantage on the higher ground. Then use the barricades and in the diminished light seek out and eliminate the opposition.


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