Base Camp

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The Base Camp is where your day begins and ends and is purpose built to ensure your safety when you are not participating in the games. It is the only safe zone in the Holmbush Paintball Sites, where the players can remove their protective goggles, as no guns are allowed past the gun zone, which is the only access from the combat zones to the base camp and vice versa.

The Base Camp is where you are re-united with your teammates after your games. You can also purchase more ammunition should you require any.

The safety briefing and gun demonstrations are held here.
In this ‘safe area’ you can remove your protective goggles and discuss your tactics for your next campaign!
(Image taken during play at Holmbush Paintball)

Spectators are more than welcome – we have a viewing gallery which allows anyone to view the games on the Church Strike

For the really brave, we will give any spectator the opportunity to follow one of the Marshals into the combat zones so you can witness the battle first hand!

The caterers are situated in the Basecamp and their kitchen area is accessible to all players in this zone.

Our basecamp is centrally located, so each paintball field is only a few minutes away at most. Holmbush Paintball basecamp leads to some of the most exciting game zones you will ever experience…


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