Arthurs Castle

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This field now recreates an epic conflict between the warring knights and armies of Arthur and Mordred the Black Knight. As Arthurs knights, you will play a role in the defence of Camelot from Mordred’s marauding knights, who are eager to capture this stronghold. Sally forth from the confines of Camelot Castle and reclaim the sword from the stone. Or maybe Mordred will win the day and proclaim himself the rightful King and bend the country to his own will!

During this game you will play both on sides of the war! As one of Mordred’s knights you must stop Arthur’s forces from leaving King Arthurs Castle and claiming the sword Excalibur.

When launching your attack from the castle as one of Arthur’s gallant knights, be sure to use all the features of the castle. Scale the ramparts to rain fire down amongst the enemy. Climb the towers to see over the entire field. Make use of the secret castle entrance to flank Mordred’s knights and regain Excalibur!


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