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No scenario for this zone, just the hard facts! This is a big zone and a tough mission.
The Amazon Assault is one of the largest Combat zones, covering nearly 1.5 acres. The outline of the zone is in the shape of a huge pentagon. The field is very dense woodland and is located on a hill.

First base is at the bottom of the hill, an octagonal fort with two towers at the front on both sides. The other team is based at the top of the hill. This is a square base with a tower which stands 20 feet high.

All over the field there are raised huts, raised firing posts, and shelters, access to these is via steps. Natural barricades have been built to allow progress both up and down the field – these barricades have been designed to work from both angles of attack.

It is also important to note that the huts have been placed so you cannot see any of the structures in front of you.
At the very top of the field is a stream with several small water holes – bridges have been constructed over these water hazards. To left of the field at the top is an area of marshland.
Use explosives to disorientate the enemy, then capture all the huts and raised firing posts to make this area safe for allied forces to cross.

The base at the top of the hill is of vital strategic importance, you must control this base to secure victory for the allies.


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